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Left 4 Dead 2: How long before dialogue gets annoying?


Ellis: "Do you know what 'suck the heads' means? Cause I came down here with Keith once, and he didn't know. And...I mean, it ain't nothin' bad; it's about eatin'..."

Coach: "We ain't got time for this, Ellis! Tell us your story about how you raped your friend when zombies aren't chewing out my eyeball."

Yeah Ellis, f*ck you. There's nothing like hearing your moronic story for the 69th time to remind me how much time I've toiled away replaying the same campaign. Now admittedly, I'm hearing this Ellis line so frequently because I'm just playing the demo, and am thus forced to repeat the same 2 acts over and over, but my question to any Dtoid readers that are willing to respond is this:

"How long do you guys think it'll be before about 90% of the lines uttered by the 4 survivors begin to really grate on your nerves, and, when this happens, does this significantly hamper the experience of playing a game with such enormous replay value?"

I only ask because the banter between survivors is one of my favorite things about the first game, and the repetition of said banter never really hit annoyance-critical mass for me; I just Game Fly-ed L4D and sent it back after a few weeks, well before most of the dialogue had a chance to go stale on me. But for you guys who own the first one, did you ever reach a point where you wanted the idle chat between survivors to just altogether stop?

I'll be buying the game no matter what, but I do want to be prepared for the likely scenario that the novelty of one of the games best features might die off and turn on me like the reanimated corpse of a once-beloved friend. The game mixes up some of the conversations, and there's lots of different rare, situational lines you'll hear (e.g., if you accidentally shoot Nick, and then get helped up by him, he'll say something like "Now if I help you up, are you just gonna shoot me again?"), but I wonder how much this will really extend (heh) the life of the in-game dialogue.

Input appreciated, and a fap would brighten up my day, fye.
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