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Why There Should Be No Power Tools On Pandora

One would not expect the chirugical comedy Scrubs, the sticky nest of indie mensch extraordinaire Zach Braff, to truly nail the depiction of a serious and controversial mental illness. But, gawdnabbit, in amongst the sometimes trite and sic...


The Lonely Grouch [Mass Effect 2 Spoilers]

Note: My previous post was the first in a series about reinventing videogames. However, as has been kindly pointed out to me by Knutaf, and others, it lacked focus or a clear objective. I have hidden it until I can render something readable...


He Will Come Cloth'd All In Green

I was young. I was foolish. I ran around in an inflexible little uterus, not caring for the outside world or its troubles. But after a while the outside world started to care about me, and I had to grow up. I had to face my responsibiliti...


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