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Nintendo WiiK (Week): WiiK end

This is it, the final video of Nintendo WiiK, wherein I take a little look at the Wii U. Good times.

I hope the Wii U succeeds, I really do. It better had, I just sunk four hundred quid into it. Strangely Nintendo doesn't seem to be advertising the Wii U at all, on buses, on TV, online, nothing.

I've thought of a good advert for the Wii U.

Imagine the scene. It's a leafy suburb, the sun is shining, it's a beautiful day. A motorcycle rolls into frame. On the back of the bike is a young man. He's being dropped off at his house by his girlfriend. She drives away and the man waves.

I imagine the man is wearing a black leather jacket, blue jeans and sunglasses. Also he is chewing gum to make him look more cool.

He walks inside the house and sees his little brother who is sat on the floor playing Nintendo. The little brother has headphones on even though he is watching the TV. He sat on a skateboard and wearing a baseball cap backwards.

The little brother drops the controller and and sighs in an exaggerated manner, he says.
"This blows. I can't beat that guy." Which is none specific enough.

The older brother says.
"What 'cha playin? Nintendo? C'mon man, that stuff is for babies."

The little brother looks up indignantly. He says, thrusting the Wii U gamepad.
"Your such a hot shot, you play it, I DARE YOU!!"

The older brother sits down to play the game. Immediately rock music starts playing. The camera does a close up on the older brother's face and his hair is blowing back like it was windy. His jaw opens in disbelief and the gum falls out.

Next we see footage of actual Wii U games. A level being completed on New Super Mario Bros U.

Cut back to the brothers who high five each other.

Now we see footage of ZombiU. A zombie pops up in front of the screen.

Cut back to the brothers who look directly at each other and do a scream for about four seconds.

Now we cut to the Wii U logo and a voice booms out "WII U!!"

Cut back to the brothers who are now standing back to back in their living room. Both are now wearing sunglasses also the floor is covered in smoke from a smoke machine and there are coloured spotlights in the background.

They thrust the Wii U gamepad straight into the camera and shout "Wii DARE U"

The end.

By the way, having just got a Wii U, I don't have any friends yet. It would be super cool to hook up with some people from the Dtoid community. My nintendo ID is


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