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I'm drrruuunkkkkkk

Hurrrrr Edit: This wasn't posted by me, so take that as you will. I was far too drunk at PAX to make any posts.


Pre-PAX Stickam!

Holy fuck, we're all drunk, so come hang out with us in Stickam! The link is here. DO IT, FOR GREAT JUSTICE.


I think CountingConflict is a pretty cool guy

Eh sends SoulCalibur faceplates and doesn't afraid of anything. When SoulCalibur IV came out, I was lamenting in IRC that my local Gamestop didn't give out the preorder bonus keychains and that Game Crazy got the cool faceplate (or skin fo...


Dtoid's 2008 Completed Games List: July Update

Mea culpa, Destructoid. This list update is clearly over two weeks late because, when I get home from my higher-than-normal work hours, all I wanna do is play video games. Hell, I don't wanna go to work today, I wanna stay home and play a...


Illustrated Review: SoulCalibur IV Premium Edition

A new semester of my college experience is coming up and I'm struggling at my summer pool job to make sure I've saved enough cash to live on. And by that, I mean saving enough cash for the fall rush of games. So as I'm reeling from order...


What Mega Man 9 means for game development

In the aftermath of the Mega Man 9 announcement, the internet seems rife with discussion about what the game's upcoming release means for the growth of digital distribution networks. Gamers are debating about whether it's a full, proper s...


Dtoid's 2008 Completed Games List: June Update

Amazing: an entire month, and I only complete a couple of games. I feel so disappointed in myself. As a whole though, Dtoid played a lot more games than last month's all-time low - 30 more, in fact. A lot of people filled up their lists w...


Dtoid's 2008 Completed Games List: May Update

I'm going to open this with a fairly blatant advertisement: this update is brought to you by your good friends at Win a Free Copy of Bleach DS from Necros: "Write a cblog according to the guide and you too can get free stuff from Necros! ...


CONTEST: Be pretentious, win Bleach DS!

So get this: in a rare fit of good luck, I actually win a contest for once with a not-shitty prize. In this case, it was one of the monthly contests found in Shonen Jump, Viz's monthly manga serialization of popular shonen series such as ...


Rantoid: The Zen of Yaris

Necros Says: Today's Rantoid is a topic that I've been meaning to cover since March, but never had the time to do justice. I hope you enjoy it, because I seriously broke my psyche in order to properly research this experience. Is it poss...


Rantoid: Conditions of a Review

Necros Says: Hey. It's been a while. As a weekly column, Rantoid is back, for now at least. We'll see how summer break affects its continued appearance. Within the past year, there has been a lot of discussion in the gaming community abo...


LATE NIGHT LULZ™: Wizardry in our schools!

In these troubled times, we need to protect our children as much as we can. Not only do dangerous internet vigilantes threaten their morals with swear words and male genitalia, but they are constantly under assault from violent sex in the...


Dtoid's 2008 Completed Games List: April Update

April is old news. Seriously, who gives a shit about it? May is where it's at, my friend. Well, except for you kids still in high school. And you adults who don't get out of your jobs. Actually, I guess May is only important to college ki...


GTA IV: Day 1 + Necros Updates

Hello Destructoid. I've missed you lately. But now that finals are over, I'm looking forward to spending a lot more time with you guys. For starters, look to see the return (again) of Rantoid, moar comments, and hanging out more in IRC an...


Dtoid's 2008 Completed Games List: March Update

I'm sorry that this update is a week late, I've just been really busy with school and, in my free time, I've actually been devoting more time to playing games (you know, that hobby we profess to enjoy). Anyways, March was a fairly good mo...


Rantoid: Longevity - seven years, to be exact

Necros Says: I obviously missed updating Rantoid last week, but not because I ran out of time to write it. At the moment, I had no opinions to strongly express. Luckily, I was able to find my muse and come up with a topic, though somewhat...


Buy My Review: Terminator 1 & 2

Let me start by saying that the Destructoid community is the tops. I have never met a community this willing to give to what most of society would perceive as total strangers over the internet. (At least, that's what my parents think of w...


Look Ma, I'm internet famous!

At least, as far as people searching for goatees on free encyclopedias goes. Props to Macca for using me as an excellent example. Also, for those who care: my apologies for not posting Rantoid last night. For some reason, I just didn't h...


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