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Dtoid's 2009 Completed Games List: June/July Update

So...I missed June's update, didn't I? Truth be told, fully compiling the lists just slipped my mind until halfway through July, and at that point, I decided it would be okay to just toss in two updates at once. Sorry for all you people w...


Dtoid's 2009 Completed Games List: May Update

May is...a month. Sorry for the lack of write-up on this time, we're neck-deep in E3 stuff and I don't think anyone wants to hear my analysis on how much we played last month, so consider this just a boring, monthly update. To make a long...


So I'm a Mummy Now

I terrorized the townfolk... But I still have time for the important things in life. Like rocking out! And playing Wii! And rocking out more! And playing on Xbox Live! Oh those Xbox Live users... I still get groped in...


Who the hell actually likes Dr. Mario?

Seriously, does anyone enjoy the game? Just the other night, I was using my original DS to play a GBA game, since my DS Lite had run out of batteries, and I realized there was already a GBA game in the slot. A while back, I had bought a ...


Dtoid's 2009 Completed Games List: February Update

So how'd we end up doing in February? 21 games more than last month! Personally, I don't feel like I was pulling my weight, but there was a week in there during which I did nothing but watch the first season of Gundam 00, so I know where ...


Dtoid's 2009 Completed Games List: January Update

For those who aren't familiar or may be newer to Dtoid: welcome to the first update of Dtoid's 2009 Completed Games List! Dtoiders can list all the games they complete in this thread, and at least once a month, I'll complete the brain-num...


Destructoid: The Christmas Cookie

So...long story short, in the process of making Christmas cookies as part of our family's Christmas traditions, I made a Destructoid cookie. It's...so beautiful that I'm not sure I can even eat it. I know no one will be around tomorrow, ...


Dtoid's 2008 Completed Games List: November Update

Another month, another bunch of games completed. The excuse for why this is posted so late is simple: finals suck ass. But hey, at least the update's still happening. How did Destructoid do? Well...November wasn't a new low, but we're sti...


Yeah! Excellent Shot!

Hi everybody! Action gun inside! Itís cool! First, itís alarm mode! Okay? Good night! PiPiPiPiPiPiPiPiPiPiPi Yeah! Excellent shot! Good morning! Cool! Oh yeah! Risten! Three, two, one, shooting! Do your best! Itís cool, huh?


Dtoid's 2008 Completed Games List: October Update

What's this? A timely update for a change? Don't adjust your monitors, I actually updated the list "on time" for once. So how did we do? Much better than September, I can say that for sure. There was a difference of 83 games in total, eve...


Illustrated Review: Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition

It's that time of year again, when every desirable game seems to come out within a one-month span. Last year, they were all in November, but this year a lot of them have moved up to October. Of course, there's no way to guarantee even a A...


Necros makes a PAX post a month late

I originally wrote this up a few weeks ago (some of it even on the plane home) and never got to post it because of issues uploading some things I wanted to put live with it. Since we finally got our asses and posted the Failcast recording...


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