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Review: Mass Effect DLC, Pinnacle Station

But before we get reviewing, WOOO my banner finally got there, and it only took 2 weeks after I submitted it. It looked far cooler in Paint, I'll tell you that, but minimalistic is cool these days. I know I'm right. Anyway, Pinnacle Station...


I suck at games: This game's loser is...me!

It seemed like a pretty good proposal at first. I'd already had the day booked with a Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet but, what with my brilliant quirk of always appearing at such events fashionably early, my friend Joe and I decided to head...


Dtoid's GOTY 2007 - Bioshock. Its pretty good.

Copied and pasted from my GameFAQs account. And I know its a bit long. Aight? What with all of the hype surrounding Bioshock prior to its release, and a full 12 months of my gaming chums telling me what an astounding game it is, I was expe...


Gears of War 2 Online - flawed, but fun

Didn't it look BRILLIANT?! Magazines and gaming websites across the globe who were lucky enough to have a crack of the Gears of War 2 multiplayer pre-release were jizzing in their pants before, during, and after. Its broken Halo's record fo...


A better introduction, with a fun little bandicoot.

Sorry about that rant before. It was originally posted on the Escapist before I posted it here, I wanted to see the reaction from a very more Left 4 Dead-y community. But, it left me without a proper introduction. So, here we are. I'm Milo...


A very whiny first post about Left 4 Dead

People should really take a competence test before they play Left 4 Dead. Right, there are some, shall we say, idiotic scumbags within the populous of Xbox LIVE. And Left 4 Dead is a game where being an idiotic scumbag will definitely hamp...


About Boatzone of us since 2:39 PM on 04.07.2009

Good hello.

I'm Milo, and I'm here to rant at your faces about video games. These days though, things like Maths studenthood and snorting cocaine from whores are keeping me from having ANY console at all. One low end lappy that barely plays TF2. Sadness occurs.

But meh, I can still whine a good one.


Re: "No Russian" Rev Rant