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Death and Video Games

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LUGScast Episode 1 - J.K. Simmons


Me and a few friends from university did a PODCAST which you will LISTEN TO and ABSORB INTO YOUR PUNY HUMAN BRAINS. Or, not, whatever. Your choice.

In this edition of LUGScast, we talk about fake boobs on James, Ray's love of domestic abuse, a train simulator worth one thousand pounds, whether Milo is a Sonic fanboy or not (jury's still out, apparently), Nick admitting his man-crush on Stephen Merchant, and troll-ception. Also we talk about some video games.

Direct download -

Sorry that this blog post looks super un-interesting, but I didn't know you couldn't embed YT vids. Maybe next time :D
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Good hello.

I'm Milo, and I'm here to rant at your faces about video games. These days though, things like Maths studenthood and snorting cocaine from whores are keeping me from having ANY console at all. One low end lappy that barely plays TF2. Sadness occurs.

But meh, I can still whine a good one.


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