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Strider Mountain Half-life2 Modification Interview

Since my days of creating my own mods for Half-Life I find my self always trying to help other mods with some way to support them. I make models or I will help with public relations or I will interview them on my radio shows or via a email such as this.

I find mods fascinating and being part of the mod community along with the ECA and the IGF. Attending the IGF/GDC events to show support for mods I decided to post my mod interviews on Destructoid. If you don't play mods you are missing out!

SURVIVE the SUMMIT ...The rebels are loosing the battle against the strider onslaught that keeps growing. To help turn the tide of war you need to destroy the source of the Striders. That source is at the summit of what the rebels call, Strider Mountain. There is only one way to get into the mountain geography and it's extremely dangerous terrain. The danger proves to be too much and you are forced way off target. Now, you must fight your way through the Combine Mountain Base Camp because it's the only entry to the mountain. As Gordon Freeman, you must survive the summit and destroy the source of the Striders.

Strider Mountain is a single player mod for Half-Life2.

BlueWolf72: Please give us your name and position on the project Strider Mountain?

cubedude89: I'm Dennis aka cubedude89 and I am the modeler. I'll be representing the SM Team for this interview.
The rest of the team is: Baltic Forever: Project Lead, Leon "Spy" Brinkmann: Mapper, and TB Biggs: Marketing.

BlueWolf72: How long has Strider Mountain been in the development?

cubedude89: Almost 6 months now. How time flies.

BlueWolf72: Has the team worked well or struggled getting this project to the finish line?

cubedude89: The team is great. The four of us have become very good friends and really enjoy working together. We have a net meeting via MSN every Saturday which helps shrink that Atlantic Ocean gap (half the team is in the USA and the other half is in Europe) and keep the project moving forward.

BlueWolf72: In your own words please describe what the project is all about?

cubedude89: This project is all about modding. We love to mod and want to make a great mod that people will enjoy. This mod will also serve a purpose for such things as tutorials that will all be featured on a new website the team will launch when SM is done.

BlueWolf72: What was the vision when you and your team came up with this concept and design for the Strider Mountain?

cubedude89: The vision has changed a little from the very beginning, but we knew we were going to do a story with a mountain as the focal point. We went through many stories until we unanimously came up with Strider Mountain.

BlueWolf72: What will the game play be like in this Strider Mountain?

cubedude89: It will definitely involve heavy firefights, which is something the community has come to expect from Spy (Leon Brinkmann). But it's really about an incredible journey where the player must survive the summit and everything that StriderMountain will throw at them! If your talking about changing the HL2 code to make major gameplay tweeks then no we didn't do that but the levels are very well designed and fun to play through.

BlueWolf72: WEAPONS WEAPONS: Every project needs these what will yours consist of?

cubedude89: Well we got permission to use the kreedz climbing axe and we changed that into the official stridermountain base camp rental axe. Fun to smash manhacks with. we also have a sniper, tweaked shotgun, and many others thanks to several artists from FPSBanana.com.

BlueWolf72: What is your favorite weapon so far?

cubedude89: The climbing axe, after all, it is a mountain!

BlueWolf72: What will be the best feature for Strider Mountain when playing?

cubedude89: Something different! We've all played (and made) HL2 mods and wanted to create something different for ourselves and the players. So, SM will feature different models, textures and even some game play elements.

BlueWolf72: How were the player models thought of for this project?

cubedude89: We have some cammo skins for the rebels. We also have CSS models to replace the combine. The goal here was to get away from hl2 as much as we could in the time we have.

BlueWolf72: Are you going for the low end user PC's to play or the higher end?

cubedude89: I would say mid range nowadays would play this mod well. The maps are optimized very good.

BlueWolf72: What is the goals for the team after the project is released?

cubedude89: Simply put, we are going to stay together as a team and mod for Crysis! YAY!

BlueWolf72: Final Thoughts?

cubedude89: We have a fun poster contest on our site Strider Mountain for those people out there who like to use programs like photoshop and want to support the mod. The winner(s) poster will be featured in-game.

Bonus Round:

BlueWolf72: If you were a fruit what would you be and why?

cubedude89: haha, well, I would have to say a subtropical mountain papaya. Not sure why though.

BlueWolf72: If you were stranded on a island and only could have one thing what would it be?

cubedude89: A working helicopter would be nice.

BlueWolf72: Whats in your pocket?

cubedude89: Hmm let me check... No money... I got some drawings on a piece of paper, and a buisness card for a job i was thinking of getting, but I'm to busy modding haha.

BlueWolf72: When your working on Strider Mountain what music do you play?

cubedude89: I'm a silent kinda guy. But if I do listen to something it would be just general game action music.

BlueWolf72: Who is tougher? Alyx Vance or Lara Croft?"

cubedude89: HAHA! i love this question. This is a close call but I would have to say Lara Croft! That reminds me, its time to go play Tomb Raider: Anniversary!

Thanks for your interest in Strider Mountain.

Media Links:

Strider Mountain Website
Video of Strider Mountain

Estimate release is August.
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