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Guess the Game Brain Teaser - $200 Price Drop Edition

These are brain teasers. The answer to each of them is a title of a game. Confused? Try looking at some of the previous sets of brain teasers. You'll figure out how this works.

Guys, I think that these brain teasers will leaving you fucking butthurt. There are four new ones, and the last two are from yesterday because they were not solved. Number 5 is still somewhat cheap even though I tried to make it a little easier - sorry if you all get pissed if you don't get the answer. If that happens I'll have to rework it a little bit.

Let's see if anyone can knock some of these out before Shipero gets to them (hopefully some of them will stump him). I honestly can't say which one will be the hardest because they are all very different from each other. Here they are:






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