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Dan Teasdale Throws the Shit Down on Nick Chester!


Dan Teasdale from Harmonix has challenged Destructoid's very own Editor-in-Chief Nick Chester to an arm wrestle.
The battles are to take place after the "History of Harmonix" panel at PAX. Other challenges include him facing Cliff Bleszinski (Blezsinski? Blezinkski?...), Ken Levine, and James Mouat in a thumb wrestle. Possibly a 2 on 1 match. Or maybe a three-way?
The final battle to take place is between him and anyone from the Guitar Hero, SingStar, or Rock Revolution dev teams in a manly hug/complement match. I think he'll lose to Konami on that one.
I'm not going to PAX, so may I request that someone gets all of this on video?
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