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There I stood, stupefied...

Okay, long story short, my TV doesn't do 720p. I only get 1080i or 480p. The 360 outputs everything at 1080i, so I'm cool there. Doesn't matter the game, all 360 games are 1080i for all intents and purposes when I'm playing them. The PS...


Japan: A Blog pt. 40 of 912 A Repost

EDIT: I decided to repost this for anyone that missed it earlier today. Too many good videos that might've been missed. Well, I was busy this week. Really, really busy this week. I meant to post a blog about Akihabara and Super Potato,...


PSP Remote Play review and explanation

Okay, if you're like me, you use your video game console of choice to watch videos as well. My 360 uses Connect360 to watch stuff off my mac, and my PS3 has an external HDD full of many of my favorite movies. So, to my surprise, yesterday...


Dual Shock 3 review

So, as I posted yesterday, my DS3 controller arrived. I took it home last night and tried it out. While I don't have a comprehensive review, I'm hoping you'll find this enlightening and prepare you for it's US/EU release sometime next yea...



Finally a game for the rest of us. Fuck Rock Band, DDR, Wii or Guitar Hero, Snaileb and I are going to be playing this all night tonight in Versus mode.


The first D'toid Dual Shock 3 has arrived.

How ironic that it goes into the hands of the one person who rarely plays games on his PS3 and uses it more for porn and ripped DVD's. Hmm, in any case, I'm future proofed. I'm off to sell my Sixaxis for whatever they'll gimme for it at...



Well, okay, it's actually a bidding war, not one with blood, but you can watch the action as BSD and bhive battle it out over a piece of DVDdesigns extensive Apple merchandise collection BLOOD! GUTS! GLORY!!!! Who will win! Many entrant...


How the R4 makes you money...

Well, my very own R4 arrived from central China today. Nice piece of kit. I ordered mine without a memory card because I could find one cheaper at Fry's than at the online shop selling the R4. The thing arrived and I had no idea it was...



We're short 4 people. Put in your copy of Orange Box, take out your copy of Halo 3 and give a 5 minute break. We wanna do 1 game with 8 people minimum to get the Friends acheivement. Add in Metalocalypse and let's get this going now. ...


FNF 18.5: Return of the Mack [REPOST!]

I have returned to the fold. After spending weeks and weeks hanging out and doing different things, I'm back. I ate turkey, watched full grown men make sexually suggestive advances toward each other, watched jewish people pray for Jes...


FNF 18.5: Return of the Mack [UPDATED!]

I have returned to the fold. After spending weeks and weeks hanging out and doing different things, I'm back. I ate turkey, watched full grown men make sexually suggestive advances toward each other, watched jewish people pray for Jes...


How to be an eco-friendly gamer...

Let's say you're passionate about saving the environment. REALLY passionate. What do you do, as a gamer to embrace the environmental freaks out there and become one of their own? Well, if you TRULY want to embrace the inner hippie in y...


C-Blog Reviewz!: Futurama: Bender's Big Score

Futurama: Bender's Big Score So, it's been 4 years since the last aired episode of Futurama. That's a long time. In the span of so many years, Futurama has enjoyed a long healthy post cancellation in reruns on Adult Swim (soon to move ...


A warning to all of you...

Do not watch this video. If you're my age, seeing these characters like this will scar you. And further more, watching this video will entice you to watch this other video, which is equally disturbing. http://www.fatalfarm.com/tvthemes/F...


Texas had a NARP and a camera was there...

Like my memory from this weekend, my camera only took fuzzy pictures. A vague reminder of the Travis-ty of this weekend. We all met up in Austin (that's where the travis comes from, ya see...) Friday night, myself, Blehman, Coonskin, and...


Rock AND Roll

You know, with all this hoo-hah over Rock Band, we have to take a moment to consider how difficult it is to get your break into music and put some deep though into what it really takes to be a superstar. Is it the propensity to ingest gall...


My apologies if this particular Portal meme...

Has already been addressed. I've was out of town when Portal was a really big deal so I'm just now playing it. Most fun I've had in awhile and I haven't played it since last week. It's that memorable. Anyhoo. I know most people have de...


Japan: A Blog: A Contest: The Winner

Yes, there is a winner. What does the winner receive? LOADS of prizes. But before I get into the whole mess of winners and losers (and boy howdy, there were a LOT of losers, I'm looking at the list of them right now and it is LOOOONG.) j...


Cheapy D's Japan: A Blog pt 1 of 1

Shameless cross promotion, but I wanted to point out the Ebi Filet-o. The one I saw was nasty looking and didn't seem as appealing as Cheapy makes it here. VS The Ebi Filet-o has no Kingdom Hearts ad campaign associated with it, so ...


Japan: A Blog pt. 32 of 912

Hey everyone, here's a two-fer for Friday. Two different cblogs for one. First part: How to do your business... in Japan. Hey you! Filthy guy! You. Who, me? Yes, you. You're covered in the grit and grime of last night's sordid Biru...


Japan: A Blog pt. 31 of 912

Okay, so as part of the Vista X.5 experience, we're going to discuss day to day practices and common items seen in Japan. These are things the Japanese take for granted which honestly, make little sense to us until we know why they are the...


Japan: A Blog pt. 30 of 912

A secret truth... Japan isn't much more than this. Just outside of the gates at Narita. You get off the airplane and some Korean chicks jack you into a cyberverse. That's it. That's Japan. Everything else you hear or see is a false ...


Japan: A Blog pt 28 of 912

Well, it's Monday. I'm back, I have 12 days of adventures to tell you about. I figured I'd go ahead and drop dime on the most boring day of all. It was last Wednesday. I traveled from Yamagata to Kyoto. I checked into my hotel room, ga...


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PPS - I've been to Japan. Maybe you've heard about it? If not, read up here:

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Part 21 is no longer there, but it wasn't all that great anyway, so you're not missing out.
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