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Destructoid C-Blog Movie Review: In Bruges

I had very low expectations for this movie. I'd seen the trailer, hitmen hiding out, and something else goes wrong, yeah, I'd seen it before. Grosse Pointe Blank did it already. So did Agent 47. So what is there left to do for In Bruges...


The AV Club's missed opportunity

The source article... Okay, I clicked open the Onion's sister site, A.V. Club. It's a good op-ed site on movie reviews, music, and pop culture. I spotted an article on the 20 things that are nerdier than Monty Python. I read over the li...


February Cblog Xbox Scavenger Hunt!

January is DONE. Congrats you guys for beating the crap outta King Kong. I got several hateful emails and cblogs dedicated to me and my evilness for Dead Rising. The Cblog Xbox Scavenger Hunt 2008 continues on. Remember, everyone's comp...


How Special Effects are made

This is why I love special effects. When done well, and done right, you can do some damn amazing things with them. Saving Private Ryan is a damn fine movie and I was impressed by the amount of work that went into the Normandy invasion jus...


Cinematic Titanic: The Return of MST3K

We hardly knew ye... After 10 years, 200 episodes, cancellation by 2 networks, a movie version, and an entire cast change, you'd think the people who created Mystery Science Theater 3000 would be done with the whole affair. This is what...


RRoD and You. FUD is not the order of the day.

So, you've RROD. You called Max, Max passed you over to the Philippines, you coffin'd, you cried, you got your system back. All is well, yes? NO. IT IS NOT. See, what's happend, is for whatever reason your Xbox broke and had to be re...


ATTENTION! 2008 Contest Announcement!

I'm reposting this for people who might've missed this during the week. If you already entered with me, ignore this repost! After being exposed to CronosBlade's horrible games idea and the Old Spice Challenge from earlier this year, I b...


FNF 22: The One No One Will Remember

We will be starting at around 8:30 EST Tonight is a very special FNF. It's the last one of the year. And to help set off my 4 day weekend of non-stop booze bingery, I decided a few weeks back that a night spend drinking with enemies is...


ATTENZIONE! 2008 contest announcement!

After being exposed to CronosBlade's horrible games idea and the Old Spice Challenge from earlier this year, I became inspired to create my own elaborate version of a treasure hunt for Xbox 360 users here on Destructoid. I'm thinking th...


Wait, wait, wait....

Who let this post through on DSfanboy? Aren't these blogs supposed to suck and never, ever be funny or informative? http://www.dsfanboy.com/2007/12/26/the-ds-life-unwrapping/ This photo slideshow of kids and adults getting their DS syste...


Attention! People who like to drink piss-swill!

When you first get your first beer, once you get past the magic of being drunk, you discover that there's more to life than peppermint schnapps, Jager, and shitty beers. Well, unwavering in the fact that their beers all taste like garbage,...


Colleen KILLS!

Maybe I blew my xmas wad on that last post, but I found some equally irritating glitter gifs from other holidays. Pay or SUFFER! $5 can stop this.


MOAR Holiday Greetings.

Look, just give me cash and I'll stop posting these. PayPal me $5 and I'll stop. Otherwise a new picture goes up every hour on the hour. You've been warned.


RIAA Disinformation Leaked!

Okay, I don't know how many of you are familiar with how news gathering works for your local TV station, but this is a news story put together by the RIAA and is being given to TV stations this week and next week to air as a "real" news sto...


Japan: A Blog pt. 42 of 912

First off, Happy Holidays to all of you. No matter what I say normally to you, it's all said in jest. Unless it's not. Secondly, I'm going to have to punish you all. There will be 2 cblogs today about today's topic. It's got that many ...


Nickelodeon lied to you.

Screw your Doug shit. This has been much heated discussion on the CBM tonight and I come to bury this bullshit once and for all. Doug was spoonfed pablum. You were being deceived and lied to. Cartoons are fun. And twisted. And they ha...


On concerns about your privacy...

Okay, first off, this guy, total creepy pedo. Kids + sex + video = You go to jail and hopefully you die painfully at the hands of someone named Brucie. But what this case has come out and said is that you are to have no expectation of pri...


This is what happens when you die.

Everyone suffers from this affliction. It happens to everyone, eventually, and someday it'll happen to you. No one wants to die, but it can happen and you need to be prepared, to know what to expect, and how to cope with your sudden loss....


Holy shit!

New PS3 firmware information! Playable PS1 DISC based games through the PSP. Fuck me, I'm going to go buy that FFIV/ChronoTrigger package over at Frys. http://boardsus.playstation.com/playstation/board/message?board.id=psnetwork&message....


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