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Okami proves that third party devs still don't get the Wii


The clogs have been asplode with news of Okami on Wii, most of which is glowing and excited. Certainly, Okami was one of the most shining examples of Good Game Design© from the last generation of games. But I see this as yet another discouraging development in third-party adoption of the Wii by developers. Does anyone else find that it disheartening that the most exciting news we’ve had in a long time for the Wii from a third-party is yet another quick last gen cash-in with tacked on Wiimote controls? Perhaps we’ll just have to wait until WiiWare for people other than Nintendo to really start taking advantage of the system. I know the third parties can adapt - just look at what they’ve done on the DS.

What do you think? Is this just a phase or will things like Resident Evil 4 and Okami continue to dominate the releases from third party developers?
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