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Hello Dtoid...Please take my C-Card.

Hello I am Bloo...If i was Green I would die. So anyways i guess this is my first C-blog on Destructoid. I have been around for about 2 years or so, but have always been lurking or commenting on certain post. Once the Justin/Twitch Tv Dtoid Channel came around I started becoming more active there...but always felt distanced from the C-blog community...well that is about to change. This being my first post please be nice and gentle...Go ahead you can have my C-Card (get it ok... nevermind) Just don't tell my Mom.

So you may be wondering...now Bloo what are you going to bring to the table that's fresh and new, well rather than writing it why don't i show you...Prepare Yourselves...


Unfortunately i did not know how to embed the video on to my blog post...sorry about that...I even looked in the forums. I'll figure it out eventually. As you can see I am very Passionate about making Videos and I love playing video games. The original Video is from another video called Eagle Dance which is also on Youtube. I decided to add my own spin to the video with some of the Destructoid Staff and of course our great robot overlord Mr.Destructoid. So what does this have to do about Video Games....nothing ,absolutely nothing. Which is why I love Destructoid. Destructoid is more than just Video Games, and Cocks. It's about a strong community and it's amazing staff. When i make these videos I make them for fun and for the enjoyment of others, even if it's for a small amount of viewers. To keep this blog short and to the point...I want to make more videos for you guys...The Dtoid Community. I will continue to make more videos as the year goes by I have a lot of great ideas in this brain of mine and would love to continue to share them. I am one person right now but as I release more videos I hope that I can develop a better relationship with you guys and collaborate on projects. Thats it...thats all i have to say for now. Before I say goodbye I will leave you guys with another video i made for Dtoid that got featured on the Daily Hotness
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About Blooone of us since 8:25 PM on 01.06.2011

Hello, My name is Bloo on the interwebs...but i do have a real name...somewhere in Los Angeles. I come to destructoid for the Community but stay for the Cocks. Video Games hold a special place in my heart since the beginning. I enjoy long walks on the beach while under the moonlight...I really don't have favorite games but...i first started playing games on the Atari so my knowledge in video games is extensive. You probably won't see my writing to many Blogs however you will see me making tons of videos...Which i plan to make Blogs for. I love to edit and make videos...its a passion of mine and something i would love to continue. I've been around destructoid for about to years just lurking and commenting. When the Dtoid streaming came along i became more active and wanted to continue being active. So look out destructoid here I come.
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