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About Blitzardone of us since 8:47 AM on 01.03.2009


Buncha tidbits about me 'cause I'm too lazy to write a proper introduction =].

* My favourite games are: Starcraft, Half-Life series, The World Ends With You, Monkey Island series, Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars: KotOR, Okami, Dragon Age: Origins, Ace Attorney Series, Pokemon series, Fallout 3

* My favourite band is Radiohead, though my favourite musician is John Frusciante

* I am a vegetarian

* I started gaming at the age of 6 on a Commodore

* I spend a lot of time re-tracing my thoughts, trying to remember how I ended up thinking about what I was last thinking about. Fun times.

* I speak 3 languages, and am learning Japanese too

* My favourite books are the LotR trilogy by J.R.R Tolkien.

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