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Snowball Effect is in Progress


I had a very bizarre dream last night, and it got me thinking about the snowball effect in the media. While I won't go into much detail about the dream itself, it was about me riding on a horse and getting hit by a car. The horse was killed by the impact, but I survived. Seeing this as a bizarre event, the local news ran a story about it. The story runs as normal and then the question. The only answer they could get was video games. Despite the fact that the car was driven by an elderly person, they say it was a young man recreating a "scene" from Grand Theft Auto, it's been shown that even if the person doesn't play games, like the V-Tech shooter, that video games will be blamed. Then came the major news outlets. Anthony Cooper came in and so did Fox News, CNN, and for some reason, Morgan Webb. They all wanted me to talk about video game violence not knowing that I played these games, and not the driver. It was very busy work to get ready. The incident didn't do any serious damage, so I was able to walk and talk. Within hours, the news media started to arrive. Now, all of this was just a dream, but it has happened in the real world, like the V-Tech shooting, the theater shooting, and most recently Sandy Hook. The snowball effect can make fact and fiction become blurry.

Behold the face of Horror


I'm from Tennessee, and our senator had said that video games are more harmful than guns. When I heard this I was ashamed of living here, and he is one of many on the baseless believe that video games cause real world violence. It is part of the snowball effect. When a tragedy occurs, the media will make some excuse thinking that it was the sole purpose of them doing what they did. The most recent is Sandy Hook. The event occurred several months ago, and they are still talking about it. No matter what happens it goes through three stages: The Event, The Shock, The Question, Excuses. No matter how big or what happens, there will always be the snowball effect. Adam Sessler went to Fox News and talked about Violent video games, his main point was that scapegoating will always be part of society. Comic books were attacked, and now The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises was two of the biggest movies of last year. Rock and Roll was blamed, but that was found baseless. Rock, especially metal, still gets blamed, but not as much as the new scapegoat; Video Games. Even opera was scapegoated. Now opera shows sophistication and class while plays like Phantom of the opera and Les Mes are considered timeless classics.

Only terrible games are harmful


The snowball effect doesn't only affect the news media. The gaming industry also is known for it. One of the biggest controversy of last year was the Tomb Raider "Rape" scene. Despite having the scene shown in the E3 trailer, one person started to call the game sexist, and it sparked a controversy. It was damn near impossible to escape from and the Hitman: Absolution Saints trailer didn't help. Then there was the Mass Effect 3 controversy with that ending. It was like the Tomb Raider controversy, but much worse. You could not escape hearing about it there was petitions, and even people were sending cupcakes with different frosting. Some of these controversies was so ridiculous that even someone thought it was a good idea to send The White House a petition of the new reboot of Devil May Cry for being different. Most recently someone tweeted to lead writer Anthony Burch claiming that Tiny Tina from Borderlands 2 was racist because of the way she speaks. It became this discussion about Tiny Tina. Burch had said that if he felt Tiny Tina was racist, he would change it. While some people may find Tiny Tina annoying, they never thought that she was racist. I found Tiny Tina to be the best new character in the series, but not a racist. No matter what happens or any new technology that will arrive, there will always be controversy and The Snowball effect will either make it worse than it already is, or make a simple answer to a complex problem.

The real racist
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