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InFamous: Second Son Review

In 2009, Sucker Punch Productions released Infamous for the PlayStation 3. At the time, the PlayStation 3 was in a need of a killer app to play. While Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, and Uncharted: Drakeís Fortune was great games for the system. A game to help sales of the PlayStation 3 was rare. The original Infamous was one of the first must plays of the system. Now, with the release of the PlayStation 4, Sucker Punch hopes to do it again with Infamous: Second Son.

In Infamous: Second Son you play as Delsin Rowe, a tagger in a small town, in Washington. After an accident, he discovers that he has the ability to absorb powers through other conduits. As he tries to control his power, he comes across the head of the D.U.P and now, in order to save his friends, he must go into Seattle, Washington to try to bring the leader down. Infamous: Second Son is the best story in the series. Delsin is a likeable character who shows more emotion than Cole McGrath does. Once again, Troy Baker, who plays Delsin Rowe, shows why he is the best in the industry. Not only that, but the entire cast is excellent. I always felt I knew about these characters, and once you learn more about them in a comic book style fashion, the line between good and evil becomes blurry. There is no black and white here. It is fitting because the reputation system is back. You can be either a True Hero or Infamous. I completed the game on True Hero and it gave me powers that felt that being a True Hero made the game a bit easier. In my second play through, I am playing as Infamous and it seems harder. Maybe it is just me, but it is something I noticed.

The gameplay is what you would expect out of an Infamous game, and they do not do anything drastic, but having multiple powers does mix things up a bit. The problem is that each power is pretty much the same. If you want to be evil, stay with the smoke power. If you want to be good, stick with Neon. Being good with the Neon power feels that the Neon power is a little too overpowered, but considering that, you will usually be surrounded I was never bothered with it. There are other powers, but by the time you get to the last two, you will be entrusted of the smoke and neon, that you will not want to spend time with the others. It does not help that once the game is over, you cannot play the game again with your new acquired abilities. With the new powers, they do have the ability to run up walls. Because of this, the climbing of buildings is not as precise as it once did. There will be instances where you would fall because you did not jump properly.†

The one surprise for me is the use of the PlayStation 4 touchpad. If the touchpad were used in future games this smart, then the new touchpad would add a new small layer of games. The slightest swipe of the touchpad did what I wanted it to do, and it soon became second nature. The motion control, once again, cannot be said. The motion controls are used for tagging up buildings with spray paint. The way you spray paint is awkward, and I cannot help to think that using the touch pad would have been better.

Despite all the small flaws Infamous: Second Son has, it is the best in the series. With the new system, there is a question of what can the system do. Thankfully, Infamous: Second Son looks stunning. The characters move in a believable way and the city looks alive. Unfortunately, Delsin has the ability to auto lock on characters when he is using melee, but when he does this it is likely you would hit someone you didnít want to hit. If you want to play as a True Hero, try to avoid melee as much as possible. Infamous: Second Son looks alive, but it does not feel alive. The civilians will comment on you and walk around, but that is all they do. The D.U.P makes up for this. If there is any D.U.P around and you use your power for anything, they will attack you. It is a bit improvement over the first two games where the enemies will shoot you on sight.†

The good news is that Infamous: Second Son is the most polish open world games I have seen. For being an open world game, there is an inevitability for a few glitches, but I never saw anything game breaking. I fell in the water and fell off the world, but I was back to shore as if I didnít die, and a car was standing straight up with half of it in the road. The frame rate is inconsistent though. Most of the time it runs at 30FPS, but sometimes when there isnít a lot on screen, the game will go higher. It actually looks amazing when this happens, but I can see why someone would be bothered by it. Since the launch, Super Punch has patched so it will stay at 30fps. The only time where it would drop 30 is when you do a clean sweep move in a tightly packed area, but that is only for a few seconds.

Do not let the YouTube clips fool you, Second Son is stunning to look at, and it plays great. Infamous: Second Son is the best in the series. It does not do anything new, but it does offer what the PlayStation 4 can do. With interesting characters, a good story, solid controls, with great graphics the game is perfect for the new system. If you happen to have a PlayStation 4, Infamous: Second Son is worth checking out.
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