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Easter Eggs and Unlockables.

Remember playing an old game and then you see something that didn't have anything to do with the game? Remember that rush you felt when you found something, and telling your friends the next day? Those days are now gone. With the Internet you can find out about an Easter Egg before you even get the game. While some games still keep that tradition, it's no longer a mystery if you will find them or not. If there is a game that as an Easter Egg then there is a very good chance that the Easter Eggs are found within a week.


Fat Drake was for both Single and Mulitplayer

One of the things that is greatly missed in this generation of games is unlockables. Few games have this feature in their games. It's always fun to see that when beating a game there is a reason to go back to. It helps that if the game is amazing, and you were going to play it again anyway, the unlockables would have given you extra reasons. Unlockables can range from; Videos, Art, and gameplay tweaks. One of the best games of this generation, at least to me, is the first two Uncharted games. One of the reasons is because the amount of tweaks the game gives you. You would need to get them by either money or treasures. It all depends which game you play. Uncharted 3 is missing this feature. They do have unlockables, but you can only unlock them by playing the game, but it's only videos. With the rise of DLC, Unlockables are becoming a thing of the past. I want to unlock them, not buy them.


Another awesome thing games have is Easter Eggs. Easter Eggs are hidden surprises that rewards players by going that extra time into looking around the environment. On of the biggest surprises in 2009 was X-Men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged Edition. Not only was it one of the very few good movie/game tie end. That in itself is a bit of a paradox seeing that the movie was terrible, but the game was great. I really didn't know much about the game one of the reasons I wanted to play it was because of the M rating. This is a very shallow reason to play a game, and I don't recommend anyone doing it. The other reason was because it's Wolverine. We finally get to see the grim reality with those blades he has.

Hope he doesn't forget to push the button

It didn't have a lot of Easter Eggs, but the one that I didn't know made me geek out. It happens early in the game where you are outside. I found this door and broke it to get past it. Then there it was The Hatch from Lost. I love Lost. It is one of my most favorite TV shows of all time, so seeing that made me geek out into excitement. Then the light came on and an achievement was unlocked called "Found." The coolest thing about this is that they didn't put it there no reason. Two of the actors in the film was in the series. Other Lost game related Easter Eggs include; Just Cause 2, Modern Warfare 3, Half Life 2: Episode 2, World At War, and World of Warcraft. Another of my favorite shows of all time is Breaking Bad and RAGE had a Easter Egg that relates to the series.


Halo has a ton of Easter Eggs that relates to the fans of the game. One of the best ones is from Halo 3. In the game you will come across a couple of soldiers talking about passwords. Depending on the difficulty, you will hear members of Rooster Teeth. The creators of Red Vs Blue. Even in the last Halo game they've added a really cool Easter Egg where they thanked the community for being fans of the games. It's a shame that so few games has Easter Eggs now. It gives you a reason to go back and play a game and look at the nooks and crannies the game has.


Sometimes, Easter Eggs are triggered by doing something in the game. Metal Gear Solid has a whole plethora of Easter Eggs ready to be unlocked. In Metal Gear Solid 4, there is this one where after you die, you can call up Rose and she will tell you about a nightmare she had where Snake was killed. She even goes into detail of how you died. It's a nice twist and puts the whole thing into a weird, if non canon, look over the whole series. In Metal Gear Solid 3, if you saved at a certain point, when you come back you can play this short game where you are a vampire hunter. The small mini game was fun and wished there was a game like that. Another Easter Egg is the Metal Gear Solid series has is hidden codec calls. It's all staggering that Kojima has put this much effort on something most will probably never listen. Even Super Mario Brothers Brawl used Codec Calls for Snake.

Stating the obvious since 1987

Easter Eggs and Unlockables are some of gamings greatest treats. They can make you play a game to find them, or keep you playing to make the game you want it to be. It can make a difficult part much more fun, or make the game better than ever before. I'm sure there are games out there that has Easter Eggs, but it comes to the point where you don't know which one does or which one does not.
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