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DmC Demo impressions

Last year Capcom made the surprising announcement of a new Devil May Cry game. While this would be good news to most, the thing that got every up at arms about it is that it's being developed by Ninja Theory, the developers of such games like Heavenly Sword and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. Not only that, but instead of having the same character Dante, Ninja Theory made an entirely new character and named him Dante. All the backlash was due to the fact that Ninja Theory's Dante wasn't Capcom's Dante. This was even before gameplay was even shown. Now with the game releasing in less than two months away, Capcom and Ninja Theory have released a demo. Please keep in mind while reading this is that the game is TWO MONTHS away from release and may not represent the final product.


After picking out your difficulty level, I played it on normal at first, game starts with a very rushed cut scenes telling you the story. It moves from one scene to the next without reason or context. It feels that this is a condensed version of the cut scene and the final product will explore a little more about this new Dante and the world he lives in. The original Dante was a likable cocky jerk. It kept the past games from being overly serious and knows it's ridiculous. This new one is rather bland it doesn't help that the voice acting sounds serious compared to the original Dante. In one of the levels you get to play in the demo, it seems he's almost that original Dante, but that scene ends before it got too ridiculous. We only see a little bit of the cut scenes, but this new Dante doesn't have the charm of the original. At least not yet.

After the intro, you are thrown into the game proper. I consider Devil May Cry 3 the best of the series and one of the best games of the PlayStation 2. Having played the HD re-release a few months back, I still hold on to that belief. When Devil May Cry 4 came out, I was excited, but that excitement quickly vanished as I basically played the same game twice. One as the faster Nero, and one as the slower Dante. I did beat the game, but I was disappointed in it.

Thankfully, the gameplay in Ninja Theory's DmC is better than Devil may Cry 4. "Dante" is fast again. All of the weapons are ready to use with a simple press of a button, and the combos are fast and easy to pull off. I felt like I was playing a Devil May Cry game. The game runs at 30 frames per second, but seeing what Ninja Theory does to the environment, pushing 60 was have made the frame rate suffer. The environment is always changing and right before your eyes. While the gameplay is 30, for some reason the frame rate drops during the cut scenes, which is odd considering that the cut scenes has the least activity on the screen.


There are three types of difficulty you can start with; Easy, Normal, and hard. The game tells you that hard is the classic way of playing Devil May Cry. I choose Normal because when I play the full game, it will be normal I will choose. After you beat the both levels you unlock very hard. Very Hard is hard, but it's not Devil May Cry hard. The game is the same, but they change it up by adding new enemies only seen in that difficulty setting. Ninja Gaiden for the original Xbox did the same thing. There will be two other settings once the game comes out in January.

This new Dante, from the looks of it, doesn't seem to be like the Dante we know and love. The voice acting is nothing great, but it's not bad either. The past Devil May Cry games didn't have all that great voice acting, but because the way Dante was presented, the over the top voice over helped sell Dante. This new one just feels bland almost like he's bored most of the time. The cheesy rock is back and it helps, but there is also obnoxious dubstep in there also. This isn't so much about the game itself, but for most games out there; please no more Dubstep. While I don't mind having it in small doses, it CANNOT be part of the game. Dubstep just took me out of the game.

We still have two months left of the games launch. Despite the backlash this game has, the game itself is actually pretty fun. It's not better than Devil May Cry 3, but it's better than Devil May Cry 4. Then again, Devil May Cry 4 had a fun demo also.
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