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A look into the future: The Wii-U impression


Sometimes, if I'm up early enough, I have this urge to walk out. When I do go out, I go to the nearest Gamestop, which takes an nearly an hour to get there by walking. Most of the time I don't have a good reason except my own boredom. I just walk and listen to music. Today, Gamestop had a Wii-U station and the demo they had playable, at the time of this writing was Rayman: Legends.


Contrary to what the pictures have shown, the Wii-U is surprisingly big. Take a PlayStation 2, lay it on its side, and stick the disks in the side, and that should give you an idea of how big it is. It's not as big as a PlayStation 3 or a X-Box 360, but bigger than the original Wii. The controller fits in your hands like a glove. It's smooth and easy to hold. The four main buttons and the d-pad is stregitaly placed to make each button easy to reach. The feel of the buttons feels like a 3DS pad, and the analog sticks feels like what analog sticks should feel like. If there was one gripe about the controller it is its weight. Holding it with both hands will serve no problem. Holding it with one hand will make you notice. It's not that heavy, but through extended use with only one hand, the wight will present itself. You will feel the wight, and this is mostly due to the screen.

The screen is quite large and is in full HD. It's bigger than the 3DS and the PlayStation Vita combine with it looking much better than the two. The interaction with the TV screen and the controller screen is instantaneous. This is much better than I ever imagine. Once it reaches its full potential, the Wii-U will do wonders to gaming.


All of this would be meaningless without the games. The only game that was available was a ten minute demo to Rayman Legends. There was two modes to play. The normal platforming you would expect from Rayman and a rhythm platforming stage that is simply stunning.

The first part of platforming is easy enough. You go through and do what Rayman does. That's fun enough, but once you reach the castle, it goes to show you what the Wii-U is capable of. Instead of playing as Rayman, or any character you pick, you play this fairy. The fairy guides the character as you play as the fairy and you must take care of the character. It may seem that it will be a pain, but it's far from it. You create pathways, take out obstacle, and take out threats. AI Rayman is willing to wait for you. You do all this by touching the screen, this is where you start to feel the weight of the controller. If you keep your holding hand behind the screen while using it, it should be fine. It's perfectly fine as a one player game, but it seems to bring the fun of Rayman Origins into the home. Assuming you will dick over your friends over.

The second part is a little hard to explain. There are the music stages. If you seen the videos, then you know what to expect. Keep going to keep the music going, and you will have a fantastic time. The events around you, and what you do keeps to the music perfectly. There was a stupid grin on my face while I played it.

The Wii-U and Rayman: Legend is exactly what Ubisoft had promise. They put everything you love about Rayman and put it Nintendo's wonderful new system. Rayman: legend looks to be the benchmark of the Wii-U and the gold standard of what the Wii-U should do.
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