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ZOMG MAGFest 6 is going to be LEGEN...wait for it....

DARY! You were waiting for it, huh?

It will be soooo epic! This re-post (to hit the afternoon crowd) is the reason I had an absence from Dtoid yesterday and why the Smash Update Contest post might not have been done yesterday? Basically I went with Mr.MAGFest to the hotel for the first walk through. The hotel is the Hilton in the Alexandria Mark Center, that is Alexandria, Virginia. Stupid public transportation got me there late but I get there and Z.O.M.G. the place is frickin' NICE! Nice and big! (that's what she said?)

Big Update to MAGFest...The Angry Video Game Nerd will be showing up!
If you don't remember him, check out his review of the Power Glove and one of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

This brings me to you all, the Dtoid community. As you know I am in your community and now in your innerwebz right now, I am sneaky, ninja like that! I am trying to get as many Dtoiders out there as possible. No, I will not pay your way at all but instead encourage you to come to actually meet some of us. Not only that but I am trying to arrange a Dtoid suite, where you can chip in and get a place to sleep in a bed (if you want to sleep) and shower. I have personally been in a suite and there is TONS of room. We probably won't all be in the roomS at the same time but in case we are, there is more than enough room for 10 people.

What I am looking for is at least 10 confirmations. That means you not only want in the suite but ALSO have already pre-reged. I am looking at a suite for two nights (Friday January 4th and Saturday January 5th). If we get 10 people it will be $60 a person. If we get more people the pricing will change. Right now the confirms are:

BlindsideDork (duh!)

I have some that say they are 99% going or 90% but I need 100%. In order to do this and to be included in the room I ask you to send an email to Blindside.Dork [at] gmailo [ditzzle] comyo! Along with that, your user name, real name, how many days/nights you will be staying, do you want in the suite, and the email address you used to register. I will be able to figure out if you did and not yanking my chain. If the suite appears to be not something possible, other arrangements will be made and you will be notified. I will probably be around starting Wednesday and MIGHT get a room on Thursday (single, not suite) and if you want to crash with me, let me know ASAP!

Yes, I will be in charge of this and take your monies (at later time), recognize foo'. But cereal, we (the ones going and especially myself) are real adament about this. The weekend will be EPIC! Just the grandness of the hotel and the presence when entering it even without the "stuff" there is just overwhelming.

Also if you are a female who wants to go and be with the Dtoid crowd, arrangements can be made if you feel uneasy about staying with a bunch of guys. And if you have any other quarks to your schedule let me know and I will see what we can work out. I mean you don't really have to stay grouped up like I am trying to do but I just felt that as a community we should try to come together.

We may say mean things to each other from time to time and pat each other on the back on here but we all love video games and Dtoid so even if you don't want to shack up with or near us that is fine but MAGFest is something really sweet that every gamer should be able to appreciate. There is something for everyone: MUSIC, movies/videos, table-tops, anime, video gaming, vendors, panels, etc.

This post is more of a "we need to get a Dtoid room" together post. I will be doing many other posts in the upcoming weeks. Actually tomorrow I will post more on the set-up of MAGFest and tell you what to expect. Hopefully Mr.MAGFest will have pics for me by then.

If you want anymore details or to pre-reg, go to MAGFest.org. There you will get help or you can leave a comment here and I can helps ya.
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