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Would you buy Bomberman for WiiWare?


Bomberman is making his way to WiiWare complete with 8-player Wi-Fi connection and a story mode spanning 5 worlds and over 35 areas. But that begs the question, are the Dtoiders actually going to buy this? And before you start chanting it in the comments, I wouldn't hold your breath on Mr. Destructiod being in the game.

Check out the scan...

For FULL SIZED model, click this.

The game is out on XBLA with two (or are there three) downloadable packs that work (well mostly) flawlessly. Would you dish out the money to buy him again? Is $10 worth a single player mode? Probably a no brainer for those without an Xbox 360, and a little simpler for those who do.

I won't be paying money for a game I won't really play, I barely if ever play Bomerman Live. And I still have the GBA version of Bomberman which includes a single player mode that I played all of 5 seconds. Of course, I would like to give MaxVest a run for his money. He just thinks he is so special with his dreams. He wouldn't knew what hit him!
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