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WiiWare XBLA "Secret War"


WiiWare is launching this year and it can't helped but be compared to the now dominating Xbox Live Arcade, but will that change soon? Will WiiWare steal XBLA developers away? Possibly, with developers speaking out anonymously.

Nintendo has been pitching their new online distributing service to developers as a "more flexible" download service. One of the biggest advantages to the WiiWare is that there are no worries of it being bogged down or clogged with retro releases, something Jeff Minter, maker of Space Giraffe is all too familiar with. This is something that can discourage someone as Jeff notes in his blog.

New ideas is what WiiWare is wanting. But there is more than that studios are interested in. One studio boss, who remains nameless like Ted but nicer, had this to say,
Nintendo has made it very clear to us that we'll not only be making a better royalty rate from WiiWare games, but we'll also have a better chance of selling games - the service won't be clogged up with the retro titles that have blighted the chances of many independent studios on Xbox Live Arcade.

This goes along with Jeff Minter's thoughts as well as dealing with the royalty drop from 70% to 35% on games that make less than $4 million. That is a large chunk of change to take away from people who spend a lot of time on something.

But developers words get fiercer,
Frankly, we're not looking at making games for Xbox Live Arcade because the service is full of shit.

I was going to say he has balls, but he anonymous. At least that spirit might be coming to the Wii, or the Playstation Network.

This is surprising and yet not. First off, part of the reason why it is cheaper to make a WiiWare title is because of the hardware. Less "ub3r" device, the easier it is to make for it and obviously less expensive. But why go to a marketplace with new ideas if it is flooded with old ideas? You can't deny the fact that "retro" is in right now. And since the Wii has the Virtual Console to the bulk if not all the retroness, that leaves WiiWare for originality.

WiiWare has the possibility to be big. Yes, there is no chat support (yet?), but there is already downloadble content confirmed at 500 points to be released and the service isn't even done. Granted that microtransactions spells of poo cause we don't even know if the game priced at 1000 points will be any good but at least this shows that DLC is possible and it is a step in the right direction.

I am excited for WiiWare to come out and hopefully bring new titles. That's not to say XBLA doesn't have anything great to offer, there is always Castle Crashers in the summer, but I am not seeing much else on there that warrants a purchase. No Tazar, I don't want Mr. Driller Online, but I will take the buttsechs!

[Via develop]
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