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Why JACK is how he is...

One night I did some research. More specifically, research on JACK to try to determine why he loathes Nintendo. I came across the usual ... pictures of furries, anti-Nintendo posts, emails to Bungie creator about how he dreams about him (none of them have been responded to though), and other miscellaneous things. There was one startling discovery. It appears that a little miss "Cooking Mama" has a vendetta against his family. No one is sure what cause this malice but maybe it has something to do with the way he talks about Nintendo.


I am cereal here. It's funny how he tends to only mention one game in particular whenever he comes around to bash the Big N. Hmmm, I wonder if he realizes Nintendo has releasesd more titles than Cooking Mama ... or that furries are not good.

As for me, my hate for Halo comes from the fact that it use to beat me when I stopped playing my old roomates copy. When I tried to tell someone about it, it kicked me out and spread rumors about me to everyone we knew. It was a sad dark time for me.

(Photo was taken from Colette's blog: Cooking Mama or Lucifer incarnate? You be the judge)
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