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Two in One: Microsoft's New Powerhouse has been Done Before?

A recent CVG article, talked about what the next game that will be the ZOMGPONIES!1!!!11! on the Xbox 360. It comes from an unlikely source.

Yes, Rare. How did that hit you?

They are said to be doing a sequel the Nintendo 64 title Perfect Dark. Yes, a sequel to the N64 game and not Perfect Dark Zero, the 360 title. Pretty sweet right? At least they choose the better of the two. And shut up, the N64 version was better! Get over it, haha.

The game is being worked on and said to be reveal NEXT YEAR. A little ways off but there is time for them to throw something together that isn't a complete failure, right? Better yet, "this game will be heavily story driven." Wasn't the last one suppose to be that way too?

"Well this one will be darker and grittier!" This one gets me cause they said non-kiddy grafx rule but they made Ms.Dark pretty cartoony ... anyways, wasn't PDZ suppose to be dark and gritty too inspite of the cartoonishness?

They do have a new technique to make sure it is dark and gritty enough for the "hardcore!" The entire game has tints of grey surrounding all the characters. Wow, that is such a PERFECT idea to make it look more DARK. It will now be epic!

Yeah, moving on...


One of the last quotes of the article is this one,

Interestingly, a new morality system is also claimed, with different story branches and endings depending on your in-game actions.

Do they mean interesting or common place? C'mon, new mortality system? Ummm, BioShock at least! I am not trying to knock the story branches cause it is kind of cool if they are actually different and actually make play through the game different. Maybe even it was like Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion did with it being majorly the same path with a few different necessary side routes here and there depending on character. I don't like how BioShock made you play through the game "harvesting" all the sisters to get a sucky ending and then "rescuing" all the sisters to get a little less sucky ending but it was the same game both times.

If you are going to do multiple story branches, you better have completely new areas and/or completely separate levels. NOT just new angles.

[Via CVG]
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