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Tropic Thunder Review: Should you run from this storm?

What do you get when you mix three big leading actors, some great background actors and a war set in Indonesia? Well Ben Stiller is hoping for a good, comedic romp. But does it fall short with the laughs or is it loaded and locked with them?

I guess if I need to nitpick this film to offer some bad points...it appears that the black face kind of disappears at the end? They touted it as a surgery situation, so it wouldn't be easy for it to go away but it did? Well at least it looked like it did. And as I mentioned it is hard to understand some of RDJ's mumblings, but that isn't too bad. I just can't really find fault with this movie.

PS: Scorched VI is amazing!

Conclusion: There are two possible reasons for my feelings on Tropic Thunder. The first could be coming from a recent low of a terrible movie called Pineapple Express. It could be that any movie I saw after that would look like gold. The other reason is that this was simply one of the best movies I have seen (at least in a while). I hate to say that cause I am afraid I will over hype it and make it a let down for some of you. All I know was that it was fun, entertaining, full of GOOD laughs, and that I am almost tempted to go see it again this weekend. Just can't get enough of that -spoiler deleted-, hilarious!

I loved this film, you should too!

My Rating: 9.5 - Hilarious, just AMAZING! I might even see it again.

I might've actually given this a 5 Star rating but I don't have the image for it, but it deserves at least a 4 or 4 1/2.
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