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Smash Update: Never was there a more infamous phrase

Another "hidden" today so those afraid of knowing what the secret today is should look away but you already know that by now. Who knows, I might have given it away already with the title, depending who you are.

I can haz hidin'?

Captain Falcon

Yes, he is back. Did you have any doubts? The Big, Blue dressed F-Zero pilot is back to punch some heads and kick it.

Just look at how cool and collective he is.

Oh snap!

What's this, he is faster than Sonic? Lies.

Can the might drago..errr, Charizard stop the Falcon?

And once again, we got moves.

And TIPS with Special Moves and Final Smash.

See, Sonic is faster. Is Captain now a has been? He use to be the faster runner now he is....he is slow in comparison.

Standard Special: Falcon Punch

What, did you not expect this move?

Even Snake is a fan of the move.

A tip for using this move...

Press the Control Pad/Stick the opposite direction you are facing while you are in Wind-Up phase and...


Sorry Luigi, it isn't your day. Man, check out that bird though...

Down Special: Falcon Kick

You can shoot side to side on the ground or...

at a downward angle in the air. Your choice of course.

Final Smash: Blue Falcon

His trusty F-Zero machine comes by to pick him up. If it connects, your enemies will be pulled onto a racetrack out of nowhere?

But you drive off to leave them in your dust. Don't worry, you can come back!

And hit them hard. Isn't there an old PC game about running down people in cars? I guess the Smash Makers are a fan. And note that this is the only "cinematic" Final Smash in the game. The Captain is special.

Surprised by him? Honestly, how could they not include this character. "Falcon Punch" is such an iconic phrase that they would've shot themselves in a foot if they didn't include him.

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