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Smash Update: A rehash for your ears

The dojo has reecently been putting out some very excellent updates. With the new levels to new game moe and characters, it was pretty nice. That is why I can't falt them too much for this entry. You can't have nothing but gold all the time, can you? So today's update is...

Kid Icarus: Underground


That is music if you didn't know. Sorry, it is just a link to the song file, can't really do players here with BBCode.

Well the Composition Supervisor is Tanaka Hirokazu with the Arrangement Supervisor being Sakai Shougo. Recognize the Grim Reaper tune or the Game Over one? Those were thought of as most memorable so there they are!

Not bad music, but does this mean this is the music playing the revealed Kid Icarus level?

[Via Smash Dojo]
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