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RE5 to feature Billy Coen and other familiar voices

The only things known about Resident Evil 5 currently is from a short trailer that features some guy in an abandon town and that he has a gun, a 5 c'clock shadow, and very pretty hair! There has been thoughts that this was Chris Redfield. But with news of this game attaching Billy Coen, one of the main characters in Resident Evil 0, to it there has been some speculation that he could be that guy in the video. Too bad this would only work if this was a prequel to RE0 cause Mr. Coen sure has some lovely, large tattoos all over his right arm. So who is the main character and how does Billy fit in? An avid fan of zombies over at the AllThingsZombies forum found some interesting information from some cons and Game Informer that Chris Redfield is the main character and just might meet up with Billy Coen in Brazil, where the game takes place.

Some other characters have shown up on the IMDB listing of the game and the actors who are allegedly voicing them. There is Billy Coen being voiced by Michael (?) Van Wormer, Vita (character from Resident Evil Outbreak File #2) being voiced by Wendee Lee, Osmund Saddler voiced by Michael Gough, Albert Wesker being voiced by D.C. Douglas, and finally Ada Wong being voiced by Sally Cahill. There is some confusion with some of the voice actors though. Steve Van Wormer originaly had a post on his personal site as the voice actor of Billy but it has been removed from his site, maybe to hide it or he no longer is doing it. Also Michael Gough has not even heard of this game yet so perhaps there were plans for Saddler but they haven't asked him yet.

There will undoubtedly be more people listed for this game, and it will be interested to see if Leon Kennedy will find his way on board cause it is hard to imagine a game with Ada and no Leon. Also this is listed as a sequel, it doesn't seem like it could follow Resident Evil 4, even though it is said that RE4 was more like a side story, since Saddler is in it. Perhaps the this game fits in right after Resident Evil 2 & Resident Evil 3 and RE4. Either way I know I am excited to find out and blow some holes in zombies!

Updated so it is readable!

[Via REHorror.net]
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