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Next Simon Pegg movie is for the nerds


It slipped out and I am anxious for anything related to this topic. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, famed Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz actors/heroes, have their next film lined up and I cannot wait. Here is waht Simon himself said.

I just finished a script with my writing partner Nick Frost and that is called Paul and we're going to shoot it later this year or early next year, it's a road movie set in America about two British comic book geeks that get into an adventure across America. Write what you know as they say.

Yes please! Edgar Wright won't be directing but he also mentioned he had someone in mind and the only clue he would give up was: "it's someone really cool." Don't you just love someone who isn't full of big confusing words and just seems real about it? But who is really cool? Better not be talkinga bout JJ Abrams.

Keep in mind that this is NOT the threesome's (Pegg, Frost, Wright) third in their "trilogy." You know, the three films dedicated to the genre's they love? This is what he had to say on that.

Edgar is off doing Scott Pilgrim and then we'll get back together and do our third one together, provisionally title World's End but that was a premature announcement from Universal and it's probably that the title will change."

Not to mention Wright is working on the movie Antman. Regardless, I am excited for both of the pictures. Perhaps a little more for Paul than the yet to be titled comedy project. Perhaps I will get a chance to meet them again. Don't mention that to Husky, it is a sore subject with him.

[Via IGN]
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