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I am probably the only one disappointed with The Dark Knight (no spoilers)

The movie most everyone was looking forward to (especially the Hot Topics) came out last night. Probably half of you saw it and half of that wrote a blog about it. But honestly, I was expecting more.

There shouldn't be ANY SPOILERS in here so read on those who haven't seen it!

Now I know with just the opening paragraph here I should expect flames, flames, and more flames. And how can I forget the obvious and original "BlindsideDork hates fun confirmed, lulz?" But I actually have reasons that are most likely guaranteed to be skipped over and not read just to comment.

It's probably best to start at the beginning. Not with the bank heist but with the parking deck with Scarecrow. When Batman showed up I wanted to facepalm hard. Who was this awkward performing plastic dude? I honestly felt I was back to watching Batman Forever or Batman & Robin minus the bright, neon lights. The movements and fighting seem so stiff and lame. I know they tried to cover it up with the following scene of Bruce asking for a lighter suit but the motions didn't change too much. I also know that it isn't easy to move in those suits but they managed to pull it off brilliantly in Batman Begins so why does it look like fail now?

The next obvious sore to me was the pacing. It wasn't horrible but it just seemed off. You get these big moments only to have feeling of steadying down. Mountains and plateaus that just didn't seem to sit well with me. It felt more obvious than Hellboy 2 in regards to this problem. There wasn't really a moment where I wanted it to end sooner than its long winded performance, but it should've played out better.

I don't believe in Bruce Wayne, or should I saw Christian Bale. His performance in Batman Begins was great but in this film I really started to see him for what he does. I don't like him as Batman. He isn't Batman to me. A major problem I have with him is his voice. This film just really pulled it out and put it there for you to digest and I couldn't. There was a lot of teeth and too much throat. Did he add more? During the movie I was saying I needed to go watch the first Batman to see if I liked Keaton better since Bale was no longer doing it for me. And was it just me or did he look like someone else or just have a wierd face in the beginning? I think it was a mask but it looked kind of off at some points. That's besides the point. I don't believe.

Now the story was one of the last thing that didn't hit my taste buds. It was an alright story but it wasn't gripping enough to really have me saying during the film "this is amazing" like the first one did. The story was impeccable last time around and this one seemed to be off. It didn't pull me enough. It seems pretty straight forward and it tried to pull some twists that I couldn't fall for I guess. Not sure what they could've done to rectify this but it just didn't do it for me.

That being said I did like some aspects of the movie. The most interesting (and I really do mean that) parts were anything involving Joker and Two-Face/Harvey Dent. They were interesting to watch and so well executed. I really tried to see this Joker character and I felt the audience was rewarded with a character that seemed to grow with the movie and become more interesting with every time he stepped into the footage. He was pretty darn intelligent and articulate and knew what he was doing. Just a great performance...but I am sure every little Hot Topic runt who dressed up as him last night will say the same thing. I just didn't want to to stop watching him.

As for Two-Face, I wasn't sure how that was going to play out. I had gotten use to the one from the animated series and liked the deep throat sound of him. It is easy to see why they toned his voice down, so you don't get confused with the Throated Crusader. But like Joker, I loved his performance. I wanted to see more and more of Two-Face and the angle they gave him. His other half's look did grow on me as well. A new look, but as you saw more, it looked better and better. These were some good casting decisions.

Obviously there are things I liked about this movie and didn't. I'm not saying this movie sucked but I am saying it wasn't amazing. It wasn't spectacular, I have seen better movies. It was alright and most of that was solely due to Joker and Two-Face and maybe a little to the ending fight scenes. I know when that Batpod just showed up I was yawning at that incredibly boring chase on the bike. I think part of the movie's problem was there was too much Batman camera time during the fight scenes (the camera was on him too much) or something along those lines. But that doesn't help with the story.

So there, I was disappointed with The Dar Knight. Flame on?
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