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HUNK kind of CONFIRMED in Umbrella Chronicles?

Yesterday I did a post about the possibility of Hunk being in the upcoming title Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles here. Well earlier today a trailer appeared that shows off a plethora of goodies, new and old. Along with revealing some of the Wesker play sections, it includes weapons like grenades, rockets, and the knife. The video also shows a bunch of familiar villains and two boss fights with the Nemesis (trenchcoat & tentacle version). But most importantly they show something else, keep your eye open at marker 0:26.

Did you see that? I do believe that is Mr.X from my last post. Too lazy to look back at the other post? Click here for the full size version. Anyways, it is a little hard to tell from the shadows but there is no doubt he is wearing white and has a funky head just like the picture. This picture did not come to us alone It came with a picture of Hunk. Does this mean that the rumor of The 4th Survivor Remake, surfaced from this pic, is not only true but will show it's pretty little face in RE:UC?

There's no way to know for sure but I'd say the chances are looking good. Could this be half the reason why they haven't shown us anything on Resident Evil 2 in this game? I know I didn't scower the internet for Resident Evil 4 info but the whole second disc and a good chuck of the first one was left in surprise for me. So I think it is entirely possible that they could be saving the best for last...right? Capcom, please tell me I am right!

Regardless, this game is stuff and watching more of this game is getting me more and more excited about this game.
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