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Game & Watch returns from the Abyss?

Sometimes browsing stores can yield the most unexpected things, like SWEET"Game & Watch" handhelds! Yeah, I was just as shocked as you are. Now keep in mind they don't OFFICIALLY say Game & Watch on them (although maybe I missed it). But they are plastered with Nintendo logos and called "Mini-Classics" on all four of them.

Sweetness, huh? Especially when they are $7 a piece! As I said, they aren't exactly G&W, but they are actually remakes. The same technology, graphics, sounds, and gameplay are used but are condensed to smaller form and put in the shape of a Game Boy Color. Still sweet though! No more waiting, here is the description from the back of the boxes with a better picture of each.

Super Mario Bros. - Where are you Princess Toadstool?
Description: Princess toadstool is being held captive by the evil dragon,Kuppa! Mario has to overcome challenging obstacles on eight different levels to free the princess.

It reminds me of that OLD, light blue rectangle shaped Mario Game & Watch game. Yeah, that is the one! Not 100% sure if it suppose to mimic that one but that is my guess.

Mario's Cement Factory - MAMA MIA!
Description: Cool Mario Action in the cement factory! Open the valves of the filling funnel to fill the cement, that is running over, into the concrete transporter. But be careful: You have to make the jump into the lift in time!

In this title, you run from side to side, across platforms to drop cement down before it overflows. It just has a smaller screen compared to the original version and apparently Mario isn't exactly Mario?

Donkey Kong Junior - Uaaahhhh Uahhh!
Description: Donkey Kong is being kept hostage in a cage. Before his son, Donkey Kong Junior can free him, he must dodge traps and treacherous birds!

The capturer looks like a Mario like character with overalls, fluffy hair and hat. As with the previous, it has a smaller screen when compared to the original version.

The other one...
Where is the fourth one you ask? Well I saw it at a later date and it was ... Spiderman. Spiderman? Wha? And you fight the Lizard? No thanks, I will stick to my three.

Only one of them has had its precious seal broken. I tore into Mario's CF cause it seemed the most like a classic G&W game and it excited me. The instructions inside of the box doesn't tell you how to play but it isn't hard to pick up. Just know that the big circle button on the right is the "action" button. It is actually quite fun and addicting. There is a Game A and Game B, both the same but with the latter moving a bit faster to add to the pandemonium.

That is about it, there isn't too much to the game. With that said ...

My Rating: 9.0 - Good classic fun! Old school at its finest and you can't beat that with a bat, uh!

Not sure when Nintendo was going to tell us about them but they are in the wild right now, so what are you waiting for? This is nostalgia here people and only for $7!
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