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Crazy Japanese Shows part II: Oh that is some good laughing!

Japan has the craziest and wierdest game shows out there. Who knows why and who knows why they would do them but here are some of my favs. I think I might try to make this a regular every other week friday thing. I would say every week but I feel I might run out of vidoes quickly. This first week will feature a bunch and following weeks will feature around 3. Well enjoy!

Lizard Attacking Japanese Girls, lots of screaming so TURN DOWN THE VOLUME!

Mushroom Torture

No Laughing! that goes for you too...haha!

Human Tetris 2

In these following videos the water is said or believed to be 51C or 123.6F so that is why they are rushing out of the water or not wanting to be in it.

Dizzy Boxing

Make Her Jiggle: Possibly NSFW

Make Her Jiggle 2: Possibly NSFW as well

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