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Batman Villains speculation is a bit much

There are rumors floating around about the next Batman villain. Three in speculation are The Riddler, The Penguin, and Catwoman. Each of them with their own big names attached which is good or could be bad.

The first let's get out of the way cause it was an old one. The Penguin with Phillip Seymour Hoffman. It was old buzz and what not and that's cool. He would probably make a good Penguin. I am all for that.

Now what about The Riddler? Well the producers think they know of the perfect actor for the role. Johnny Depp.

Eh, maybe I am just tired of Johnny Depp after the Pirates movies or something.

Lastly, Catwoman. Who else but the girl in hollywood that everyone wants...no not Paris, or Lohan, or your mom. How about Angelina Jolie?

She is interested in the role and no telling if she would get it. For some reason I feel she is overrated, I just don't care for her. I liked her before she did Tomb Raider and went downhill from there (obviously not her popularity wise).

Are these good selections? Who would you rather see? I feel these two are night right for the roles. They are just too obvious to play those parts. Heath Ledger wasn't obvious for the Joker and look what that did?

[Via IGN]
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