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Baltimore NARP Videos: The Call, Puppet, Voice-Overs

There was so much going on at Hitogoroshi's place last weekend it just needs to be seen. So let's start off with three little videos appropriately called the Call, Puppet, and Voice-Overs.

Cowzilla3 calls Papa John's for the third time

Papa John's was a huge ordeal on its own. Cowzilla could probably best explain it but from what I gathered...he calls to order eight pizzas and use a free pizza coupon. For some reason the free pizza coupon was spoken in Greek cause they didn't understand him. Then they hung up on him. But wait...not only did Cow not give them a credit card number to buy the pizza, but they never asked what size pizzas we wanted. How do you get a price total with out the sizes listed?

After that was settled, we still didn't get our pizza and we wanted it bad. This prompted Cow to call again which leads into this video...

Hand Puppet Rocks the Band

The Hand Puppet wanted in on the Rock Band action. He got some rockers and did his thing. This cat can really put on a show!

Sunday Morning Uncharted Voice-Overs

MST3k style action. The PS3 was set up for 5.1 surround sound but it wasn't working. So the center channel speakers were not availble. What it meant to us was no audio during cutscenes and the rest was legen...wait for it...

I can't believe Ted did that!
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