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Awesome T-Shirt Thursday

Last week I did up a post with my KILLER t-shIrt! I found a new gem this weekend that I think you should check out. It embodies that which I love (No, not Resi, Samus or HL2). What else is there?

Hmmm, how about NINJAS!

And Monkey NINJAS at that!

Holy Monkey Butt! Talk about sweetness, huh? Best part was that it only cost me $6 BRAND NEW!

Do you guys have any super sweet shirts? If so, post them or email me (Blindside.Dork [at] gmail [dot] com) them and I will do a post every Thursday with a bunch of sweet shirts and we can vote on which is the best. Heck, if it takes off, maybe I will make a contest out of it with the winner receiving a nice shirt!
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