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I had a sheltered childhood. I didn't play many video games, despite how much I wanted to. I think I maybe played Mario three times before I was fourteen and started going over to friends houses to game with them on a regular basis. I didn't actually own a console until one of my friends gave me his Gamecube in early 2009. At this point, there was clearly no turning back, and I spent an inordinate amount of time playing it. Since then, I've been able to buy games on a regular basis, and I'm still pretty much Nintendo's bitch. I'm okay with this. Anyway, after that final piece in the process in getting my parents to allow video games in the house (I was going to graduate in two years. It was about time), I did my best to catch up on all the years of gaming I missed, and at least play the classics. I think I did a decent job of it, despite completing very few of them. As a result, I'm able to talk intelligently about the games everybody else knows about, and am generally willing to try new games. I can only hope that this is comprehensible. My blog site is really barren right now, so I'll get to work on fixing that.