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The State of Gaming Nation

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Not A Lot Of Hope For Blind Devs

I was just reading , an interview with Christopher Kline. The article reads that there is "Not a lot of hope" for mid-budget developers due to rising dev costs, etc. I call bullshit. Look at Stalker. That company was, for 90% of it's exis...


College of Hilarity

Sorry it's been so long, but I've had betas achieved, (after being hot-blooded, I) fought off a fever of 103, fought off a particularly nasty flu, and played a fair amount of TF2. I often get asked about going to Arts Institute - Vancouver...


Xbox Love

Rather than doing a typical game review, I'd like to, if I may, simply rant about Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. Firstly, the R6 series (not the robots from Star Wars) has always been known for its shitty A.I. Well, shitty isn't the word, massively...


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