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E3 2020: Guerrilla Collective


Day three of my E3 coverage is going over Guerrilla Collective, a showcase event by The Mix and Kinda Funny. This three day event operated like many others, going over trailers to new games. Of all the shows so far, this one had the most issues for me. This show had a lot of old and repeat announcements, and there were quite a few technical issues throughout the first two days. On top of that, this event went over a few games with release dates just around the corner, and I decided from now on to not include games with release dates that are only a few days away (as of writing this). With all of that said, there were still a few highlights worth talking about, so let’s get into them.


System Shock

I’m pretty sure the trailer shown for this game is just footage of its alpha demo (something I played a few weeks ago), but I’m still excited for it.

Almighty: Kill your Gods

This game is one of my top games of this show. It looks like an evolution of Monster Hunter by including a home base to upgrade and defend.

Almighty: Kill your Gods


I’m not big into narrative games, but this game looks neat. I like the game’s blend of narrative, package delivery, and beautiful Pacific Northwest scenery.

Fights in Tight Spaces

I am a big fan of Superhot, and this looks like the video game version of Superhot’s card game.


I’ve been on-and-off with this game, but my interest has been renewed thanks to its recent showings. I like the game’s comic book art style, and I think its side-scrolling gameplay looks pretty fun.

The Eternal Cylinder

I’m not a big fan of the weird animal mutation side of the game, but I am very curious as to the, well, cylinder part of the game. Having a giant cylinder slow roll and crush the Earth you walk on sounds neat, and I would like to see how that would work gameplay-wise.

Skate story

Skateboarding games seem to be having a second age, and this one takes the cake for being the weirdest. I have no experience with skateboarding games, but this game seems to be a more realistic simulation of skateboarding similar to the Skate series. What makes it weird is the game’s scenery and glass-like skater. It’s certainly unique, and I’m interested in trying it out.

Skate Story

Speed Limit

I have been in the mood for endless arcade games thanks to games like Super Crate Box, and I think this game scratches that itch. What makes this game unique is the constant change in gameplay. One minute, you are side-scrolling through a train, and the next, you are in a top-down driving sequence, and so on.

Hundred Days

This wine-making simulator has been on my Steam wishlist since last year, and its new trailer (which I just found out is actually its old trailer), renewed my interest in the game.

Midnight Ghost Hunt

Gmod games being turned into separate titles have had mixed success, but this game’s take on Prop Hunt looks interesting. I remember the developers going over some neat aspects to the game last year like the ability for the ghosts to hunt the hunters after a certain point, and I’m interested in seeing what other changes the developers have made to Prop Hunt.


NUTS is a first-person surveillance game about surveying squirrels. As goofy as that sounds, its first-person gameplay and color palette looks interesting and worth checking out.

Dead Static Drive

The game is essentially a survival horror game, but from a top-down isometric point-of-view. I’m interested in seeing how well the gameplay works, and I like the game’s art style and small town setting.

Drake Hollow

Drake Hollow looks like a mix of Sunset Overdrive’s art style and human skateboarding combined with melee combat and base building. Its base building and defense looks like a lot of fun, and I am curious as to the exploration and what this world looks like.

Drake Hollow

Iron Harvest

I thought this game already released by this point, but I digress. I love the game’s alternate World War 1 setting, and I think this game would be a great first real-time strategy game for me to try.


Victorian horror mixed with shotguns? I’m down. In all seriousness, this game looks like a fun survival horror experience from a publisher with a track record I am fond of.

That about wraps up the Guerrilla Collective. I still have other events to cover over the coming weeks like IGN’s Summer of Gaming, EA Play, and more, so tune in for coverage of those events.

P.S. You can find a link to my first E3 2020 blog here, which goes over how I am covering these events.

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