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My ps3 just joined the fallen. (shortblog)

I had just threw in disgaea 4 to hop on the the challenge mode, and then, just like that my ps3 went dark. I took a look around, my tv still going, cable still on, its just my ps3,and i smell smoke from my..... that means .................. well that's just prime

Yes it seems my ps3 just joined jimbos,takeshi's, shipero's and the others in the great system graveyard. it leaves behind alot of family.

and as I stood there looking on in disbelief 1 thought ran through my mind, THANK YOU GOD FOR MAKING ME SMART ENOUGH TO PUT MY DISGAEA 3 AND 4 SAVES ON A FLASH DRIVE.

So off to Sony goes my system with a prayer that they can fix her, because its gonna be a bitch if I have to redo all of that. Now obviously I'll be missing a few FNF seeing my system is in the shop and all. So don't terminate me from your freinds list. I'll be back on as soon as I can.

So pour one out for my old PS3, as I for the second time play the unofficial dead PS3 theme.

And if they cant fix the old girl and have to get a replacement, well its been a good 5 years my old friend, you will be missed.
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