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Outer Heaven's Good Games, Brah #1: Portal

So, I, along with other people on the chat, have decided to start a "game club" on Dtoid. We would pretty much be playing a game and having week-by-week discussions of it, and then moving on to another game. We decided on having our first game be none other than:

As this is a game that is easy to acquire, and a lot of people have i already, it seems like a good first game for this type of thing. What I want you all to do next week is to play levels 1-10 by Thursday, April 7th (we will play the remainder of the levels next week) and just plain discuss it. As this is the first time we're trying this, it'll be a free-for-all discussion of sorts, no questions to answer, and it could be discussed on the blog I'll post on the 7th, or on the chat. That's about it.

Good luck and Have Batman,
Bjorn The Unicorn.
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