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The Future Of Bit Trauma

In an effort to grow Bit Trauma, we are bringing on a few designated Youtube channels to help entertain our fans. We are currently in partnership with two channels, Da Hooliganz and Indie Life. Indie Life is a channel dedicated to the wonde...


Nintendo 2DS A Brilliant Marketing Idea?

[font='lucida grande', tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif]Recently Nintendo announced their newest handheld titled the 2DS. Basically the 2DS is exactly the same as a 3DS minus the capability of displaying in 3D as well as the capability of...


The Unfortunate Truth

I recently purchased Simcity. By recently, I mean I pre-ordered the game and nerded out on launch day. I mean, what kind of Simcity fan would I be if I skipped the first installment of the series in 10 years? When I got off of work I threw ...


The New Year Brings Bundles Of Joy!

One thing I think we as gamers can agree on is that we absolutely love a good deal on games. I myself love it when Steam throws up an awesome deal. It allows me to get a large number of games that I normally couldn't afford at a much more r...


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Bit Trauma is a collective of bright up and coming video game journalists. We run an overall media page covering the newest news, reviews, screens, and trailers. Here lately our roster has been growing and the talent is clear.

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