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About Birdman the Friendlyone of us since 7:33 PM on 08.11.2009

Hi there, I'm Jacob. I'm known in some circles as Birdman the Friendly. How I acquired this nickname is beyond me, but my EXTREME AWESOMENESS probably factored into it somewhat. Regardless, over time it's a name I've stuck to for no reason other than I can't think of anything better to go by. I am after all a somewhat friendly guy, and I do enjoy the misadventures of Harvey Birdman- so why not?

About me sections are always so dull. There's not really that much to say apart from I'm a 20 year old graphic designer living in the cultural wasteland that is Adelaide, Australia. I'm currently employed by a media company and I do a lot of graphic artistry for the Aussie retail chain Gametraders. My work can be seen on their website in the form of page and banner designs and in the stores in the forms of posters and catalogue layouts.

I'm into graphic design (hurr), music, and I dabble in programming, but my real passion is (shock) videogames. I play many things, and my collection is a little all over the place. The only genres I don't really enjoy are sports and RTS games. Music games aren't a favourite, but I've been known to play them.

Like many others, my favourite game ever remains Ocarina of Time. I could go on about why, but you've heard it all before from the thousands of others who think it's God's gift to gamers. I don't think it's as amazing as a lot of other people seem to, but it's one of the very few games I've ever played that's managed to be consistently enjoyable every time I've played it through (40+ times- I lost count).

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