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Wicked Crush


Hi everyone, I'm working on a new game called Wicked Crush. The game aims to combine the classic mechanics of old school action games like Castlevania with unique online functionality inspired by modern games like Demon's Souls and Little Big Planet.

The game's main goal is to reach the deepest levels of Dynidar, the giant, constantly changing dungeon, where each floor is actually made and owned by another player and downloaded from the online server. If you complete a floor in Dynidar, the floor’s creator will receive a small reward, but if you die, the floor’s creator will earn a greater sum. Completing floors will earn the players gold and treasure, which can be used to buy items, upgrades and constructing new floors for Dynidar.

In order to give the game a proper difficulty curve, Dynidar is divided into tiers, which allow different traps and enemies. The server will automatically rank the difficulty of floors based on the number of attempts, deaths and completions. This constantly updating ranking is used to determine where each floor should be placed in the dungeon.

To keep players from creating impossible floors, they must first complete their floor without taking a single hit. Each trap and enemy has a point value, with each level having a maximum sum which cannot be exceeded. Floors where players give up and return to town are less likely to get chosen by the server than floors where players die a few times but ultimately finish.

Ryan Miller, one of the artists that worked on the game Skullgirls, is working with me on this game, providing all of the art and animation (Note: Much of the assets in the screenshots and video are currently placeholders for the finalized art).

If you think this sounds interesting, please check out the Kickstarter page for more information, and consider backing us or telling a friend. We're very passionate about this project but we need your help to make it a reality.

I wanted to embed this video.
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