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RE: 3D, Will We Ever Be Convinced?

EDIT: If you just happened to come across this post, it is a response to a post made by Pico Mause. Check it out here: http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Pico+Mause/3d-will-we-ever-be-convinced--189046.phtml

I once saw Shark Boy and Lava Girl 3D - I spend a lot of time with my nephews. I already wear glasses, so my options were: two pairs of glasses + eye strain; just 3D glasses and blur; or no 3D glasses and an explosion of visual noise. At this point, I think the end goal of 3D tech is an effective emulation of depth, with minimal side-effects. The 3DS is obviously an unexpected leap in the right direction, but who really knows until it's available commonly?

See! Tyler Lautner has always had disproportionately large arms.

But, this fad of 3D is tremendously obnoxious. If it were just that a lot of movies and games were taking advantage of more plentiful 3D resources and interest, I don't think I would mind. However, when I hear about movie being retro-fitted with 3D, having 3D tacked on as a gimmick, or movies being made just so your bro's can see boobs COMIN ATCHA; that is when I get aggravated.

Attack of the Father Issues: 3D!

One perspective that I find interesting, is that for those whom want an effective and reasonable 3D medium, but are annoyed by it's current difficulties, this stage in development could be seen as growing pains. We will never get better, mainstream 3D until we evolve from this awkward stage of expensive fuckware.

This came up in a Google image search for "awkward 3D".

And in response to the suspicion of a Matrix-like simulated world... I saw something on TV which used Moore's law to illustrate how, in relatively little time, a computer could process enough data to seamlessly manipulate the human brain. So, I guess we have until 2015 to make this shit work! Or, you know, live our lives and focus on game content more that presentation...

It was either this or a graph. Deal with it, Internet.
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