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sexy time with Vic Viper

Hello dtoid people! Today's blog is about my feelings on Konami's Gradius Collection for PSP. Several weekends ago I went for a ltttle trip to visit my grandparents in Kitchener, Ontario. By the end of the weekend I had played through all...


Thoughts on Fatal Frame

Hello people of Dtoid! Although this is my first post on destructoid I have lurked the website and listened to its podcasts for about a year or so. This blog is meant to appeal to anyone like me who enjoys hunting for rare or bargain retro...


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I'm a 20 year old university student living in Quebec, Canada. My interests include music, movies, games, botany (a recent interest of mine), and skateboarding. I'm a big punk rock, heavy metal, and electronica fan and try to make it out to as many shows as possible. I've been playing games since I got a used Sega Genesis with Sonic 2 when I was 6 years old. I quickly became a huge sonic fan and devoted by time to consuming anything sonic related. Although I'm not a fan of the current sonic franchise, I have a tattoo of the blue blur on my leg to commemorate my childhood hero.

Within the past several years I've become interested in finding and playing retro games. My collection of consoles include the NES, SuperNES, Genesis, N64, Dreamcast, PS2, XBOX, DS, Gameboy and Gamecube. I actively play games on all these systems and my favorite genres include shmups, run'n'guns, brawlers, fighters, survival horror games, and RPG's. I especially enjoy playing bizzare Japanese games, even when they aren't especially good. Wurd!