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My life sucks: How Sony ruined my trophy happiness *sadface*

Hello guys, let me start off by saying that this isnt gonna be a fanboy post about how much Sony sucks etc etc, im just gonna tell about what happened to me and how it has ruined my will to even continue playing on the console anymore.
This seems like a nice community, been hangin around here for alittle more then a year, never got the thumb out of my ass to register though, and im just doin this post to get some feedback, or maybe a newspost to see if this has happened to anybody else or something.

Im swedish btw so if i make grammatical errors of some kind i blame it on the ABBA..

About six-seven weeks ago my PS3 broke down. The discreader got messed up while i was playing Fight Night Round 4(as mike Tyson i might add, hes so powerful he breaks shit even when hes in a game), and it just stopped reading discs.
You can imagine my sheer horror and depression as this was the first fuckin day of my vacation, and the first vacation i've had in 6 damn years. My mind went ballistic for 5 hours or so saing to myself that ill buy a new ps3 here and now so i can continue to play n shit, even though i had the 3 year factory warranty left on it.
When i later came to my senses and realized i didnt have the money to buy a new ps3 and that i had a 360 i could play on instead, i later calmed down alittle but i was still really angry since ive put all my energy on the ps3 and trophies etc. I even resorted to starting up my WoW-char again just to make some time pass and that is fuckin horrible hahaha xD.

Before i left my ps3 to service i made a backup of the entire HDD and saved all of my savefiles to a SD-card as ive done so many times before, cause i knew there is no way in hell ill get my ps3 back in the state it is now, those fuckers are probably gonna restore the HDD etc.

Anyway, the weeks passed and time seemed endless until the day last week when i got a sms on my phone stating that my console is now ready for pickup. The entire world of Narnia appeared infront of my eyes, and i saw small versions of Carter from fab5 dancing infront of my eyes, yes it was glorious to say the least.
The day after i positioned myself in my car, put on Ennio Morricone - The ecstasy of gold on the stereo and began my quest to get my console. Everything went fine when i picked it up even though i had fears that the assholes in the store was gonna charge me something because i put in a 320gb, and they where gonna claim i failed warranty cause of it. Dont ask me why i thought it, i was just ready for anything.
This was on the releaseday of Arkham Asylum here i Swe, so i took the chance to pick that up also as ive been waiting for it along time now, the happiness i felt was endless, this was gonna be a fuckin sweet weekend.

My friend and me journeyed back to my place, ready to get some awesomeness.
I opened up the box i got the ps3 in, started to hook it up to the TV and got that glorious "When you try to hook some electronics up to the TV sweat" that you get, you know when your forehead and back gets all sticky and nice(and since my back is really hairy it feels like constantly havin' a wet dog pressed up to you all the time).

I started up the shit, got a msg that i have to format the HDD and i press yes since there was no other option, and i didnt really worry considering that i had it backed up.
I got through the usual clock/date setup shit and when im finally done, i go to system settings and start up the system restore.
During this time me and my pal is performing the Safety Dance here in my living room, calling to the ancient spirits of Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon.

But all of the sudden shit stops...
The console is telling me that because this is a _different_ console from the one i made my backup on, some shit isnt going to be copied over.
WTF? Ok, might aswell continue and see what happens.
The restore is done and the console is rebooting. When i get in, all of my old accs is there. My EU and US account, the whole shebang.
Only problem is that those are the only things that the restore put in, _nothing_ else.
All of my savefiles, all of my gamedata, the tons of games i downloaded from PSN, everything is gone.
Those of you who have lost savefiles before can understand the panic thats starting come over me now.
I try to restore once more with the same results. Next step was to take my SD card and transfer the savefiles from there, but since its another PS3(dont know if its refurbished or a new system) they wont give me trophies. They work with some games, like Fallout 3, but whenever i get a trophie i get a msg that "since this is a savefile from another console, you are not eligable to get this trophy" or some shit, wich to me also makes the savefiles utterly useless.

I have about 1100+ trophies and im pushing 13% or so on lvl 13, so trophies has been a big deal for me, but now im totally screwed when it comes to that . Games i have 1-3 trophies or so left on, im never gonna get again.
Like Dead Space, i have the "clear the game on hardest difficulty" trophy left on, wich im not gonna get. I spent 3 playthroughs on that game to get to where i was with the military armor and all, and was halfway through it, now i have to do it all again.
Infamous i was on the hard playthrough and had only 7 meteorshards left to have collected all of em, im not gonna play that again, runnin around lookin for that shit .
Rock Band 2 i spent countless hours to 100% everything, getting 1million dollars trophy etc and i was so close, but now i have to do it again.

These are just some examples but i have many of em .
I also got my friends accounts on my console so we can DL games from eachother, and theyve got mine, but now since my console is registered to my old console, when i tried to connect to my profile and start DLing my old games from PSN, it said i had exceeded the allowed number of consoles i can have my profile on, so now i have to delete my acc on a pals console so he looses all his game that he dled from me. Not that that is a really big problem, its just really pissy for him and for me.
Im gonna try to call Sony Sweden on Monday to see if they can help me or something, but judging from previous encounters ive had with em, this problem is gonna be permanent.

As i said before, i aint tryin to make this a fanboy post, I just wanted to tell you nice guys about my problem, and how damn hopeless i feel.
If you ever lost a savefile that was really important, youve had that feeling. Now imagine probably 1000+ hours just thrown away, its fuckin horrible and i just dont know what to do . I like having things at 100% so im gonna go fuckin insane lookin at my trophy-list seeing games with just 1 trophy left and not having the energy to put all of that previous effort into em again.

Dont know what there is left to say, or what im gonna do for that matter. If im gonna continue trophy-hunting on my ps3 or slowly start to migrate to the 360 or something.
Has this happened to anyone else of you guys, if so, what did you do?

Thanks for your time people, and hope the read wasnt too horrible .
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