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About Bigbear40sone of us since 3:32 PM on 09.25.2011

Bigbear40s AKA JDiddy AKA DChild AKA Big Ballatician AKA On Your Mom AKA Better Than You!!!!!!!

MrAndyDixon was my roommate for a few years back in our early 20s and I believe he saw my balls more than my face.

Im a lover of computer modding, gaming, BEER, women (all women because the fat ones are so much more appreciative) and BEER.

My real life avatar is Keith Stone because I want his mullet and mustache so god damn bad.

I own and operate Twisted-Gaming.com which is my personal mmo blog as well as guild website. I have run guilds in WoW, SWTOR, Aion, FFXIV, Tera, and now Guild Wars 2.

As far as the rest of gaming goes I play pretty much everything. My steam account is my epeen with hundreds of games I am shitty at and/or will never get around to playing. I stream almost everything I play and love being trolled by the keyboard baddasses of the internet. Twitch.tv/xxbigbear40sxx

My computer is worth more than most peoples car. This is because I am married, have no social life and I put everything I have into my rig.