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I...Am...Iron...Man: A movie review


Those four words, along with that image, should send shivers down any self-respecting comic geek the world over. Unless you have been living in a cave without television and/or internet, you know that Iron Man is the start of the summer movie season. And let me say that if this movie is the start, we are in for an epic summer. Now befor I go on, there is one requirement from all of you while you read this blog. You must listen to the video/song below as you read it.

Clicked play yet?


Iron Man

Runtime: 126 minutes
Rated: PG-13
Directed by: Jon Favreau

I know everyone else will be geeking out over this movie and with good reason. Iron Man brings us everything we want in a comic-book superhero movie. This movie really helped me wash the bad taste of Spider-Man 3 and Xmen 3 out of my mouth. I also know that everyone will be writing their reviews of this movie. But I know you come for the titties and stay hopefully for my opinions. If not then just look at boobs and be happy, but here's my opinion of Iron Man.

It fucking rocked.

Thank you, that is all.
......Nah, I'm just kidding.

Iron Man, for those of you that don't know the background of the comics, is the creation of Tony Stark, the genius, playboy millionaire that makes his living selling and developing weapons. His father, Howard Stark, started the company Stark Industries and Tony takes over after his death. His life radically changes after he is captured by terrorists that demand he builds them a weapon but instead he builds his first Iron Man suit and busts out, killing and burning everything in his way. The only injury he sustained is some shrapnel that penetrated to his heart but is kept from actually entering his heart by an electromagnet set into his chest. When he gets back to the states he of course improves his design far above the original design and decides to fight the very people his company has been selling weapons to under the table.

That's the basics. Here's the story in a nutshell version. Rich genius who makes weapons, is captured, makes kick-ass battle armor, kills bad guys, decides to be superhero and saves the day. That sounds liks a winning formula to an action movie to me.

When thinking about the actors in this movie I can honestly say that they were all good choices for their parts. Downey is brilliant as Stark, Terrence Howard plays Rhodes and is superb at it. Jeff Bridges, who I have always loved as an actor, was absolutely perfect for Obadiah Stane and Gweneth Paltrow is hot as a redhead. I would seriously consider giving Downey an Oscar for this role, even though it won't happen.

Now since this was a background, foundational movie, there isn't too much action in it, which is disappointing because that's what we all want to see. The scenes of Stark designing the suit are great as well as hilarious. If you don't know what I'm talking about, wait till he's testing out the flight capabilities. Great fun.

Also, the scene with Rodey and Stark on his personal plane was great too. I really want Stark's plane and computer system in his house. Both were so bad-ass that I demand 3D computer technology immediately!

Now, for the graphics and effects. Iron Man's suit is incredible. The detail is awesome and his suit is very sleek and shiny. Iron Monger is almost the opposite and really reflects the minds behind each suit. Iron Man is sleek and sexy and is more of a utility suit without any real heavy weaponry. Iron Monger is a brutal, hulking monstrosity that really takes "the more guns, the better" idea to another level.

Look we all knew what was coming with this movie. I think the greatest fear is it would suffer from the Brett Ratner syndrome. Well if I can, let me put those fears to rest. This movie was great and even though I didn't read the comics as closely as I did Spider-Man, I still knew the basic premise of the character and they stuck with it. Go see it, you would be crazy not to.

BigPopa's score: 9 Maxim girls out of 10

P.S. Funny video with Batman.

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